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  1. Hi my eight your old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD I was hoping to join this group so I could educate myself and my son more on ADHD.

  2. We’d love to see you at an upcoming meeting. We meet the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9 PM at the UC Davis MIND Institute. Meetings are free and open to the public, although we do ask for a $5 donation if you are not a member of CHADD.

  3. My youngest son has ADHD as does my husband and possibly my oldest son. I have struggled for the past 2 years after the diagnosis – as I’ve try to make sense of it all. Does the support group help with this?

  4. Most of our meetings have two discussion/support groups: one for parents of children with ADHD and one for adults with ADHD and/or their spouses/partners, so you should be able to find support and understanding in both groups. Be sure to check our website for information about upcomingmmeeting formats (our March 2015 meeting features a guest speaker, so we will not be having the two discussion groups that month).

  5. Hi,
    I am looking for a coach. I was diagnosed as an adult with ADD-inattentive. I was told that CHADD is a good place to get referrals to coaches, psychotherapists and others who can help.

  6. I am interested in attending meetings and would like to be notified ahead of time with what topics will be discussed. Is this possible. I was just diagnosed with possible ADHD.

  7. Hi, Bettina, we always announce the format/topics of the meetings a couple of weeks in advance on this website, our Facebook page, and on our Meetup page. Hope to see you at a meeting soon!

  8. Hello, when I lived in San Diego, members can email each other as a group. Do you guys do that here?

  9. Do you tape or record your speakers that you have at your meetings? We are just starting and some of the past meetings look very interesting. Maybe it’s posted somewhere? I would love to get all of that information.

  10. Hi, Thanks for your intersest. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to record/archive/post speakers at this point. We’re a low-tech, volunteer crew. Looking forward to seeing you at a meeting soon.

  11. I saw in the recent email from Attitude Magazine that CHADD has a local resourse list for professionals who work in the field. However, I noticed in a comment on the site that there isn’t a resource list.
    Will someone please let me know which is true?
    I am looking for alternatives to medication.
    My son has taken medication for four years with breaks during summer and weekends. He just turned 13 years old and is very frustrated now with the way he feels on medication.
    As a parent who understands both sides of the medication issue, I really need to dive deep into alternatives. Has anyone out there had success with this?
    It just seems like it is one extreme or the other. I realize there may not be a perfect fix, but if we could find a more natural remedy or remedies, after going many years on a more traditional path, we could really use the support and change.
    Please comment with experience and resource info if you are able and willing.

  12. Hi, Thanks for your comment. The national office of CHADD does have a resource list of professionals experienced with ADHD. You can access that list at http://www.chadd.org. The Sacramento branch of CHADD does not currently have its own list of area resources. People do share about their experiences with area practitioners at our meetings.

    Your questions about medication are exactly the sort of topic we discuss at our meetings, we hooe to see you at one soon!

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